Hello properly insureds. We are excited to bring you valuable information to help you make confident insurance decisions and manage your risks. 

As you may know from browsing the rest of our website , we have a specific focus within insurance: real estate.

For you as an individual, this means we assist with your personal insurance needs like home, auto, flood, etc., but we specialize in assisting you as part of the home purchase process.

For our business owners, this means we specialize in assisting title agents, real estate attorneys or title attorneys, real estate brokers and mortgage bankers with business insurance needs. This includes title agent E&O, lawyers professional liability, real estate E&O, cyber liability insurance, fidelity bonds, general liability, commercial property insurance, workers compensation, surety bonds and other business insurance coverages as needed.

Our focus is properly insuring you. We all know insurance companies don’t make it easy to understand insurance policies, and this why your insurance professional is incredibly important in the insurance process. Our team at Stewart Insurance is your advocate for your proper insurance, or coverage that is built to return you to normal when life happens – which is different for every person and every business.

Let us guide you through making confident insurance decisions.